Special Interest Tours

Our leisure time… so precious!  What do you like to do with your leisure time? Art, Music, Photography, Wine Tasting, Culinary Arts? Groups, Inc. designs creative tours that are customized to your interests!


Art- Treasures abound throughout the world but Europe has some outstanding venues such as the Louvre. And here in the USA, fantastic opportunities to enjoy gifted artists’ works await interested folks, whether it is a long tour or a one day mini-tour.
Music- From classical to jazz to rap … whatever your musical preferences, Groups, Inc. can create a tour exclusively for you and your group. Interested in the great masters? Travel to Europe and visit their birthplaces such as Mozart. Take in Boston Symphony Orchestra, The Boston Pops and more … a shared interest is what group travel is all about. 
Photo Safari- Photography is a huge interest for many people and especially today with the amazing technological advances in how we create photos and then how we utilize them … e-mail; photo albums on line and so much more. Our world holds many beautiful photo opportunities!
Culinary-With the advent of food based television shows, magazines, web sites and more, food … its origins, preparation, history and so much more … occupy people’s interest. We include culinary arts in many of our tours in Europe and also here in the US and close to home. Tour members often get hands-on opportunities to cook!

Wine Tasting- Today’s culture seems to be very interested in wine, vineyards and how the wines are made. There are vineyards all over Europe and the US … and we boast many right here in New England and also New York State’s Finger Lakes.